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Embark on a transformative journey with Body Remodeling, a non-invasive and rejuvenating approach to sculpting your silhouette. This innovative method combines various techniques, including vacuum therapy and radio frequency, to redefine and enhance your body contours without the need for surgery. 


Body Remodeling introduces a non-surgical revolution in body contouring, offering a range of advanced procedures that reshape and rejuvenate without the need for invasive measures. Through the synergy of vacuum therapy, radio frequency, and other cutting-edge technologies, this transformative approach aims to redefine your body’s natural beauty. 

Non-Invasive Procedures: 

Vacuum Therapy:

  • Gentle yet effective, vacuum therapy stimulates circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, aiding in the reduction of localized fat deposits. 

Radio Frequency:

  • Harnessing the power of radio frequency, this technique targets and tightens loose skin, encouraging collagen production and promoting a firmer, more sculpted appearance. 

Ultrasound Cavitation: 

  • Non-invasive ultrasound waves disrupt fat cells, leading to their breakdown and subsequent elimination, contributing to a more contoured and streamlined figure. 

Laser Lipolysis: 

  • Low-level lasers target stubborn fat cells, prompting them to release their contents and facilitating their removal from the body, resulting in a smoother and more toned appearance. 


Sculpted Silhouette: 

  • Body Remodeling offers the promise of a more sculpted and defined silhouette, addressing areas that may be resistant to traditional diet and exercise. 

Skin Tightening: 

  • Radio frequency and other technologies utilized in the procedures contribute to skin tightening, reducing the appearance of sagging or loose skin. 

Non-Surgical Approach: 

  • Say goodbye to the need for surgery. Body Remodeling provides non-invasive alternatives to traditional surgical procedures, minimizing downtime and discomfort. 

Targeted Fat Reduction: 

  • Procedures like ultrasound cavitation and laser lipolysis target specific areas of the body, aiding in the reduction of localized fat deposits for a more proportionate look. 



  • Stay well-hydrated before and after Body Remodeling sessions to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. 

Healthy Lifestyle: 

  • Complement your body remodeling journey with a healthy lifestyle, incorporating a balanced diet and regular exercise to optimize and maintain results. 



  • Body remodeling procedures are generally not recommended during pregnancy due to potential effects on the body and fetus. Consultation with a healthcare professional is advised. 

Certain Medical Conditions: 

  • Individuals with certain medical conditions or a history of skin disorders should consult with a healthcare professional to ensure the suitability of body remodeling procedures. 

Open Wounds or Infections: 

  • Procedures should be avoided in areas with open wounds, infections, or skin conditions that may be aggravated by the treatments. 

Implants or Metal Devices: 

  • Individuals with implants or metal devices in the treatment area may need to exercise caution, as some procedures may be contraindicated. 

Always consult with a qualified practitioner to discuss individual health considerations, ensuring a safe and personalized experience with Body


1 session
  • 10 sessions - €220.00

Vacuum Therapy

1 area
  • 10 treatments - €290.00

Cavitacion + Radiofrequency

1 area
  • 10 sessions - €420.00